Laveria Lashes

Laveria Lashes is international and recognized.

Laveria Lashes has always been careful to ensure that customers get the best quality and the best products.

We specialize in finding exactly the products that are best for you. We have a unique offer on courses, lashes, fasteners and various equipment.

Our products are of very high and good quality.

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The nail academy has all our products for sale on the webshop: www.neglakademiet.no or in Drammensveien 159 0277 Oslo, the shop is open at. 8am to 4pm every weekday.

If you would like to stop by to physically see the goods or shop, you are most welcome.


Laveria Lashes Products


All of our lashes are handmade from artificial silk with unique fiber from South Korea and made in Vietnam.

Laveria Lashes has been in Vietnam where the lashes are manufactured to examine quality, working conditions and that there is no child labor in the factory where the lashes are manufactured.

We have emphasized that the lashes are soft and comfortable for the customers. They are also durable and can withstand water. The bending of the lash does not disappear upon contact with water. We have lashes of different thicknesses, bends and lengths.

Highest quality

We emphasize that all products are of high quality, so you can use Laveria Lashes with pride.

Our goal is to have quality products on the market at all times.


Everything that is liquid at Laveria Lashes (fasteners, cleaners, etc) has been thoroughly tested and with approved papers. The products are therefore only sold to certified therapists.

They have several different fasteners so that you can find what is best for different work and customers.


choose Laveria Lashes

We are a serious player in the market with highly certified course instructors who have broad experience in the rocking industry. We are always up to date on the latest in technology.

Here you will get good advice and good guidance. They want you to succeed and master everything within the subject, so they go a long way to make you successful.

Laveria Lashes emphasizes that everyone who takes courses gets close follow-up and counseling along the way.

The courses are held in smaller classes with few students.


Judge of


Laverialashes has appeared as an umpire several times in both Horten, Trondheim and Vietnam.