Lashextension course

The course runs over three days of exam in theory and practice after completing the course and self-training.

Laveria Lashes offers courses in classic rocker extension. This is a course for those without prior knowledge or for those who are educated in the industry.

We tailor the courses for each student through teaching in smaller classes that allow for close follow-up.

We use Laveria Lashes products which are of very high quality.

Laveria Lashes’ main focus is that you get the knowledge and theory you need to become a skilled tilt technician.

We emphasize that you should be able to exit our courses with high confidence in the subject.

Course content

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Our courses include:

  • Coursemanuals
  • Startpackage of kr 4500,-
  • Diploma

Course time:

  • 3 days course
  • from 10am – 4pm All days


Kr 11 000,-

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Volume is a technique where you put several lashes together as a bouquet on each natural lash.

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