In order to order items with Laveria lashes you must be a certified tilting technician. If you are a new customer of Laveria Lashes, you must send us your course certificate by e-mail in order for the order to be processed.

All our prices are excl. VAT.


Payment Solutions

We take payment through PayPal, Visa, Invoice and Vipps. If you want other solutions contact us by e-mail.



You can expect to receive your goods after 2-6 days if you live in the largest cities, remote areas can take up to 3-10 days. If you have not received the goods within 14 days, just contact us again.


Free shipping
At Laveria Lashes, shipping is included when you shop for items over £ 1,000.



Laveria Lashes only sells to companies, which is why we require an organization number.


Privacy Policy

Laverialashes / Marina Rasool is responsible for processing all information recorded and stored in our system.
Company Laveria Org. No. 890324142
Address: Drammensveien 159 C / o Neglakademiet AS, 0277 Oslo.

Laverialashes receives information such as full name, company name, org.no, email address, address and course certificate to be able to send goods to you as customers and have correct information about you.
The information is collected when you register voluntarily on our online store, all information is stored on wordpress, our customer registration system timma and invoice system sendregning.no.

The purpose of using our systems is to enable Laverialashes to provide you with good service at all times and to give you access to our services and products.
Our information is used only by the company Laverialashes and may be disclosed to third parties Neglakademiet AS if you wish to trade Laverialashes products from Neglakademiet AS or if you take courses with Laverialashes who are also in collaboration with Neglakademiet AS. This is only to allow you to access Laverialashes’ products also on the Neglak Academy website, this is something that you will be informed of before we share information. Neglakademiet AS complies with the Privacy Act, which you can read more about at www.neglakademiet.no.

Laverialashes retains all information as long as the customer is active in our system. We delete accounts that have not been active for over 2 years regularly, if anyone wants to be deleted before the two years have passed from our system we must be contacted at mail: lasheslaveria@gmail.com.